Contact me at any time to discuss your organization’s needs. There is no charge until we sign a letter of agreement and define the scope of work to be performed. My fees are currently arranged on a sliding scale. Depending on your organization’s budget size, I will typically charge between $70-90/hr or $500-$650/day.

I have a soft spot in my heart for small budget organizations and I am eager to work with organizations of all sizes and in all stages of development. Call me and let’s make an arrangement that serves us both well.

Tip:  Think you can’t afford a specialized consultant, especially one that doesn’t live in your community? Think again! Travel can be expensive, but chances are good that you have a Board member who could donate airline miles or AmEx points to purchase a plane ticket. And, in my experience, local hotels are often more than happy to help out by donating a room for a night or two.

Let’s discuss the possibilities.