Caroline’s presentation to our board helped them think through their roles and responsibilities in keeping GBYO’s mission at the forefront of their decision-making. Her history as a leader in the youth orchestra world, her thoughtful approach to problem-solving, and her passion for high-quality experiences for young musicians are evident in her presentations. 

– Frances Belcher, Executive Director of the Greater Baltimore Youth Orchestras

Thirteen years ago, you arrived in Vermont as the greatest professional colleague and partner I could have imagined. Thank you for all you did to lead the VYOA on such a remarkable journey. And thanks for teaching me so much about how to change lives through music: almost everyday, I draw on concepts and ideas that you and I developed or discovered together.

– Troy Peters, Music Director of the Youth Orchestras of San Antonio;
former Music Director of the VT Youth Orchestra Association

You bring many skills and gifts to your work: grace, humor, competence, and a positive outlook that inspires all of us who have the pleasure of being around you!  I think often about the myriad challenges you face, and how beautifully you tackle each one. It is amazing to witness, and to be part of!

– Carl Recchia, Champlain Valley Union High School choral director;
former accompanist for the VYOA choruses